August 24, 2006

Brett Hughes on the first Ramble Dove tour

Glide Magazine has an interview with Brett Hughes, who toured with his band Ramble Dove, which grew out of a regular Tuesday night Honky Tonk jam at Burlington, Vermont’s Radio Bean. Some of you might be more familiar with the bass player, Mike Gordon.

You know, I think Honky Tonk is music that just let's people off the hook if they're willing to just sing along and have a good time, drink some beer and raise a little hell, yell, laugh, carry on, all that. There were a few people along the way who didn't care for it, but pretty much everyone I looked out and saw was right with us, and they really had a great time, whether they like country music or not. The funny thing is, of course, that people forget how great those songs are, because the contemporary country music scene is so vile and commercial and often kind of dull.

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