July 06, 2006

Norman Greenbaum: Spirit In The Sky

Mars Needs Guitars shows some respect for the classic Norman Greenbaum song Spirit In The Sky. Yup, he put up an MP3 of the original, quite a few covers and a link to funny video featuring Gareth Gates doing Spirit In The Sky with the Kumars.

One hit wonders are for the most part lousy, the rare occassion being greatness. Norman Greenbaum is one of the later. In March of 1970 Greenbaum released "Spirit In The Sky". Thirty Six years later he is still making a living off that song. If you never heard "Spirit In The Sky" shame on you (and can't believe anyone hasn't heard it). Besides being a one-hit wonder, the song has appeared in 31 movies and numerous TV advertisments. Also, the innards of the song have been copied and morphed into new tunes by other bands for sure. Greenbaum has literally lived off the success of this song and to this day is constantly seeking various avenues to derive revenue from the song. You can't blame him for that, especially with a song this great. A gospel rock 'n roll song if there ever was one. The song boasts rolling rhythms, fuzzed out guitar (Greenbaum used a heavy duty industrial fuzz box), handclaps and lyrics that celebrate life after death.

MP3: Norman Greenbaum: Spirit In The Sky

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