May 09, 2006

Tom Laramee: Woke Up Today

Tom Laramee is a singer-songwriter from Seattle. His second album Woke Up Today is an acoustic affair, with a cello stealing much of the limelight. If you like albums like Nick Drake's Bryter Later, this one for you.

The album has a really nice flow Being an independent artist can be hassle - making ends meet is a challenging task, but Laramee pulled it off. . The album sounds bright and intimate and is very well produced. In fact, it sounds a whole lot better than many multi-million dollar albums.

The strongest track is Tethered To The Ground with an instrumental backing that uses cello and acoustic guitar like a pair of non-identical twins.

Too bad that the art director decided that his work is more important than the printed lyrics - it's always a bad idea to print black letters on a dark red background.

Tom Laramee: songwriter, vocals, acoustic guitar
Dylan Fant: drums, bass
Walter Gray: cello

Woke Up Today will be available through CDBaby or you can contact Tom Laramee directly for purchase details.


  1. Slipstream
  2. Woke Up Today
  3. Razor Wire
  4. Never Before
  5. Hold Out My Hands
  6. Louder Than Words
  7. Tethered To The Ground
  8. Working It All Out
  9. Happier Then
  10. Perfect


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