April 27, 2006

Kudos for Canadian musicians

Canadian musicians are cool (not you Celine Dion, they should have tied you to the mast of the Titanic):

Canadian musicians are rising up against p2p lawsuits, statutory damages, DRM and anti-circumvention legislation.

They've started a new group called the Canadian Music Creators Coalition.

Fans who share music are not thieves or pirates," they state unequivocally. "Sharing music has been happening for decades."

Members include: Barenaked Ladies, Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan, Chantal Kreviazuk, Sum 41, Stars, Raine Maida (Our Lady Peace), Dave Bidini (Rheostatics), Billy Talent, John K. Samson (Weakerthans), Broken Social Scene, Sloan, Andrew Cash and Bob Wiseman.

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(Thanks: Live Music Blog)

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