January 12, 2006

Crowd control hippie style

Now wait a second. Hey, now last week, we were all out in the park. We had 25,000 people. 25,000 hippies out in the park, man. It was beautiful. Okay? Alright, now we want everything to be cool here. We want to do more concerts, and want to do more "be-ins". But man, like.. the man just says there's a couple of small rules. There's your brothers and sisters sitting in the front seats. They want to see this show too. Now, you're just gonna have to move back. Okay? Hey, man. You people are just gonna have to move back.. go back to your seats.. and sit down, man, and make aisles, or there's just no show. Alright, come on. Now, we're not trying to bullshit you man. We're trying to lay it right on the fucking line, man. Just move back to your seats. Hey, you people down here... come on, man.

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