September 29, 2004

"Phish fans: ungrateful pricks since 1983"

Gone phishing ...

Question: Is Trey doing too much coke? Oxy? Smack? Horse tranquilizers? Corned beef? Did the band really break up because he just can't lay off the goofballs???
Answer: Who fuckin' cares? It's gone, over, done, broke the fuck down, up, sideways, however you want to say it. The brand of "IT" brought to us by way of PHiSH inc., my friends, is over. It's been dying a slow death since 1999 and finally the humane thing has been done - it's been put to sleep.
Here's a funny t-shirt idea I heard the other day: "Phish fans: ungrateful pricks since 1983".

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